about BEICOS

Dermatology cosmetic brand

BEICOS, which was born as a professional cosmedical brand, has its own EFG and Peptide ingredients
research results With the advice and research know-how of a group of basic dermatologists, we provide the safest and most effective prescription
It is a medical skin care brand that realizes immediate skin improvement through fundamental skin diagnosis.

Currently, we are actively exporting to more than 30 countries (China, Southeast Asia, USA, Europe, Russia, etc.)
Not only quasi-drugs such as functional products such as wrinkles, whitening, and UV protection, but also professional peeling, soothing and nutrient penetration products.
We strive to provide more differentiated solutions.

All products of BEICOS are developed through product development and clinical trials by skin experts. Creating safer and more effective products,
For the product in the place where the product is used We are constantly striving for improvement by listening to constant evaluations and opinions.


BEICOS is based on the reliability of dermatologists with its own technology
We are constantly developing new products.

  • 01Reliability by skin expert know-how
  • 02Development know-how for cosmetic oriented
  • 03Safety according to in-house clinical trials for all BEICOS products
  • 04Technology including proprietary EGF and Peptide ingredients